Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Guts

 So today after school I came home to wash clothes and my bedding, but then I went on this huge room cleaning rampage. Haha it was so fun :/ It took so long and I think I was cleaning for 2 hours.

Matt finally came over and helped me finish up. Then my mom made us delicious sloppy joes :) I love sloppy joes. After that we dug into pumpkin carving. It was so fun pretty sure Matt and my mom loved it more then me but I do love pumpkin carving. I love anything to do with Halloween considering its my favorite holiday.

It snowed this morning, looked pretty but it was kind of a pain. It did excite me for this winter though. I LOVE WINTER.
I'm not looking forward to November 12th though. I just know that it is coming.
Well I suppose time to get back to watching this show.
Enjoy the picture!

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