Wednesday, December 29, 2010

missing people plague

So today, I miss a million people. :( LAMEEEE! I do not like it one bit. So I started posting on everyones facebook walls. MUHAHAHAHA! Makes me feel clever.

Today, I miss a million people, I assure tomorrow I will miss them even more.

Kyleelee I know you are reading this and you, my dear, are someone I miss the most. Work is so empty and strange now. It is just Mallory and I on nights. We get lonely for you and Kass. Sucks. Date soon? Chinese food? Movies? Fun night?  Miss you a lot! I promise we'll see each other soon, as a matter of fact I will text you after work tonight! OR right now, I don't know. But we can be friends for a long time, as long as you don't try to feed me bad milk!! :) Miss you! Love you!

 <3 Shelby Lynn Boone

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I Believe in the Sun Even If It Isn't Shining. I Believe in Love Even When I Am Alone. I Believe in God Even When He Is Silent.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love, Life and everything inbetween.

Today I remembered how much I really do love Matt. He spent the night last night and cuddled up next to me. Now today we had Christmas with my family. It was so much time, although Matt hasn't been feeling well all day. He is sleeping in my bed right now in my room where its quiet. I've been playing nurse Shelby all day. Christmas was fun though, We made cookies, Matt and I watched Christmas movies, Mom and Mel made cookies, Josh and Dad slept. It has over all a successful day.

Tonight's blog won't be long though I have a Matt to tend to.

Today reminds me how much I love my life and everyone in it.

<3 Shelby Lynn Boone

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time to let go but yet I keep holding on to nothing.

The way you look at me now makes me appreciate what I had then. I'm never happy I'm always depressed or somewhat sad our relationship was one of the best things. It was so different, it stood out before the rest I sometimes wonder what went wrong while still sitting here reminiscing this sad love song I cant blame myself because I’ve been doing that all along I thought we would be friends forever but it didn't last quite that long. It was a couple months over a year and your trust was what I held so dear you were the one I ran to when I felt lower than dirt you always were there for me and because of you I didn't hurt. You always told me it would be okay I didn't want to believe it but i realized it with each passing day being without you there’s an empty hole in my heart that no one can replace. Yet I feel the need to let go. It's like you quit caring. I am not sure what to do any more.