Sunday, October 17, 2010

He who stands on the toilet, is high on pot.

Okay so day two of the hair show. Met some great people, super cute things, new hair products (like I need anymore!) and some downs. Life I suppose. I am laying in my hotel bed I just finished my homework and I feel like an R-tard sitting in here alone. That's my life I suppose. I had to blog though. Today I went to my first class at the show. It was a Moxie class. A-MAZ-ING and that is to say the least. More classes planned for tomorrow. Morning wasn't to great, got shoved out the door and forgot my phone lying on the hotel bed, oops. No one is understanding at all. I'm slowly losing it. Oh, and I fricken miss Kylee. I kinda miss home too. I miss my mom and dad and kitty and obviously my man. Calling my mommy now, hopefully she answers, i missed her call earlier because I was doing Allis hair (didn't even get to do my own). I looked effin dumb. I had my hair in a quick up do, really fricken appropriate huh? Whatever though. So many raw emotions and only so many that I get to feel so I think I'll pick and choose. Yeah Mom didn't answer but that's life for you. Ready to head home and leave the princess life behind again. Well I'm being told to go so I will have to blog later.


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  1. shelby. i wish you were happier. see you today!!