Saturday, October 23, 2010

Haunted Hair Clippings

So last night we all went to Moliters Haunted House in St.Cloud. (We all being, Matt, Jeff, Steph and of course me!!) We all had so much fun, Steph screamed so much I couldn't help but laugh, I had a few screams to though while the guys were just laughing it off. It was funny. We got home to my house around 3 AM. Matt and I crashed on the floor, we were much to tired. We had Chipotle, overall it was a really great night.

Now today Matt and I are celebrating 7 months together as a couple. Always a fun little stepping stone. I gave him a hair cut not to long ago and boy did he need it. You could really tell when the hair clippings on the ground looked like a rat. HAHA! Well who knows maybe he and I will do something fun tonight. :) Well, I suppose I should go be productive or something. Got to go say bye to Buddy the bird :)

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