Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Guts

 So today after school I came home to wash clothes and my bedding, but then I went on this huge room cleaning rampage. Haha it was so fun :/ It took so long and I think I was cleaning for 2 hours.

Matt finally came over and helped me finish up. Then my mom made us delicious sloppy joes :) I love sloppy joes. After that we dug into pumpkin carving. It was so fun pretty sure Matt and my mom loved it more then me but I do love pumpkin carving. I love anything to do with Halloween considering its my favorite holiday.

It snowed this morning, looked pretty but it was kind of a pain. It did excite me for this winter though. I LOVE WINTER.
I'm not looking forward to November 12th though. I just know that it is coming.
Well I suppose time to get back to watching this show.
Enjoy the picture!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Haunted Hair Clippings

So last night we all went to Moliters Haunted House in St.Cloud. (We all being, Matt, Jeff, Steph and of course me!!) We all had so much fun, Steph screamed so much I couldn't help but laugh, I had a few screams to though while the guys were just laughing it off. It was funny. We got home to my house around 3 AM. Matt and I crashed on the floor, we were much to tired. We had Chipotle, overall it was a really great night.

Now today Matt and I are celebrating 7 months together as a couple. Always a fun little stepping stone. I gave him a hair cut not to long ago and boy did he need it. You could really tell when the hair clippings on the ground looked like a rat. HAHA! Well who knows maybe he and I will do something fun tonight. :) Well, I suppose I should go be productive or something. Got to go say bye to Buddy the bird :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

He who stands on the toilet, is high on pot.

Okay so day two of the hair show. Met some great people, super cute things, new hair products (like I need anymore!) and some downs. Life I suppose. I am laying in my hotel bed I just finished my homework and I feel like an R-tard sitting in here alone. That's my life I suppose. I had to blog though. Today I went to my first class at the show. It was a Moxie class. A-MAZ-ING and that is to say the least. More classes planned for tomorrow. Morning wasn't to great, got shoved out the door and forgot my phone lying on the hotel bed, oops. No one is understanding at all. I'm slowly losing it. Oh, and I fricken miss Kylee. I kinda miss home too. I miss my mom and dad and kitty and obviously my man. Calling my mommy now, hopefully she answers, i missed her call earlier because I was doing Allis hair (didn't even get to do my own). I looked effin dumb. I had my hair in a quick up do, really fricken appropriate huh? Whatever though. So many raw emotions and only so many that I get to feel so I think I'll pick and choose. Yeah Mom didn't answer but that's life for you. Ready to head home and leave the princess life behind again. Well I'm being told to go so I will have to blog later.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Princess Weekend Begins, Without my Prince :(

Today began at 7 o'clock with an alarm. Matt, Alli, and I were sitting at Sheilas, watching Thomas the train. Logan was shooting Matt with his Nerf gun and I could tell Matt was NOT excited to let me go. Matt and I have been attached at the hip since we began dating. This sucks. We have spent one day and one night apart. This is sort of weird. I miss him. I don't like it very much.
We went to the MOA and were scoping around. I really had no interest in the mall at all. I had my heart set on something else, Matt. It's overly weird not having him with me. Everywhere we go it's always Shelby and Matt, Matt and Shelby. Sometimes I hate when things are different. Change can be good but also can be a pain in the patoot.
Life without Matt is not so fun. When Matt's around I feel more myself. Right now I feel like a second version of me.  I feel weird. I just need a nap maybe. As of right now though there isn't to much to say. I'm laying on Lacie's hotel bed
Matt called me back finally! :) Saved the night.
I'm going to go talk to my prince now. <3


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blood, Bandages, and Bags

So today, here's me cutting hair. Lalalala, cutting hair and WA-CHA! Shelby cuts her self with her extremely sharp shear. OWWWWIEEEEEEEEEE! (Almost screaming profanities) Seriously I thought I wouldn't ever stop bleeding. I bled bled and bled some more. It was horrible. Stupid fricken shear just closed on my finger....kinda. Now I am having troubles typing and crap! UGH!
After all that thank god Matt came and picked me up for lunch. That made my day about ten million percent better. He usually fixes bad days.
I also hit my 240 hour mark today at school, which is bamf!! That means I can legally work out on the salon floor. Which is so exciting but also makes me super nervous!! SO ANYWAY!
So then the day was getting better, untillllll I had to go to work. Some days I hate my job. I love MOST of the people but I hate the work when I feel dizzy, overwhelmed, and tired.
Yeah, so then I come home and Matt makes me supper while I shower. Which was super sweet of him. Then I have to start packing for InSalon this weekend but I am more or less thinking that I will be needing to pack tomorrow because I need so much stuff yet. But I work tomorrow. UGH! Life can be so hectic. Well I think I will continue to watch Criminal Minds and Teen Mom with Dad and Matt.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mannequin heads and tiny pink perm rods

So today is my first day blogging! Woo-hoo!! I was inspired but my friend Kylee. I was reading her blog that she had wrote about my friend Mal and myself and decided blogging would maybe be something good and fun for me.
So Matt (my boyfriend) and I were eating soup, we are both feeling a little under the weather. Now hes catching up with Teen Mom with me. So glad I don't have these girls problems. Thank the Lord for that one. (Hi Mom if you're reading this)(ALSO HI KYLEELEE I'M BLOGGING!!)
Today at school there are about four girls in my Cosmetology class who are absolutely ridiculous. Today one of the girls was mad at Marcy (my teacher) because the student was absent a lot and so when Marcy was busy and the student called her a fat butt (that's put in my words hers were much harsher). I am just so sick of these four girls. They are so disrespectful. All they do is text all day and talk and then when Marcy is talking they are sleeping. They also skip all the time. Why would you pay to do this?! They are so stupid most days. Also the girl from the beginning of this paragraph drives me up the wall! She stands near me in class and when we are doing work shops we listen to music and she sings ever song!! HONESTLY! I get so mad. I don't care how awesome of a singer you think you are, you are not so great that we want to listen to you for four hours. Lord knows how much more of that I will be able to handle without snapping,
I don't really know what to write today I just feel like making the blog and writing my first post was very productive. I also sort of have a headache. I am packing for the cities and taking Matt's baby sister pictures  tomorrow. More or less it should be a productive day,