Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blood, Bandages, and Bags

So today, here's me cutting hair. Lalalala, cutting hair and WA-CHA! Shelby cuts her self with her extremely sharp shear. OWWWWIEEEEEEEEEE! (Almost screaming profanities) Seriously I thought I wouldn't ever stop bleeding. I bled bled and bled some more. It was horrible. Stupid fricken shear just closed on my finger....kinda. Now I am having troubles typing and crap! UGH!
After all that thank god Matt came and picked me up for lunch. That made my day about ten million percent better. He usually fixes bad days.
I also hit my 240 hour mark today at school, which is bamf!! That means I can legally work out on the salon floor. Which is so exciting but also makes me super nervous!! SO ANYWAY!
So then the day was getting better, untillllll I had to go to work. Some days I hate my job. I love MOST of the people but I hate the work when I feel dizzy, overwhelmed, and tired.
Yeah, so then I come home and Matt makes me supper while I shower. Which was super sweet of him. Then I have to start packing for InSalon this weekend but I am more or less thinking that I will be needing to pack tomorrow because I need so much stuff yet. But I work tomorrow. UGH! Life can be so hectic. Well I think I will continue to watch Criminal Minds and Teen Mom with Dad and Matt.


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  1. is your finger feeling better????
    and you watch criminal minds? you just get cooler and cooler!