Friday, July 20, 2012

Yesterdays Gone.


Unfortunately it started with a mom that was convinced that it was possible to photograph a 1, 2, and 3 year old all at the same time with only me! HA! Went exactly how I told her it would. One kid looking this way, the other looking that way, the third looking at the TV. Not even the 3 year old was cooperating. SUCKED!

My second appointment was super cute as well. I have photographed him before and when ever he didn't want to do something he would wave his hands in front of his chest and say " no no no no no no  oh no!" IT WAS SO CUTE! (Also a little weird!) Asked Mom where he got it from and she said she didn't know, probably his dad she said. Later on she was talking and I saw her doing the same things! :) BUSTED!

I was so crabby after that. Skipped working out today. Ended up getting to busy at home trying to get stuff done :/ I'm not to happy with myself. I also went out to eat with my mom and dad at Panda Garden so that took up some time! It was super nice to spend time with them though!!

Now bed.

Shelby Lynn Boone

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