Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time to let go but yet I keep holding on to nothing.

The way you look at me now makes me appreciate what I had then. I'm never happy I'm always depressed or somewhat sad our relationship was one of the best things. It was so different, it stood out before the rest I sometimes wonder what went wrong while still sitting here reminiscing this sad love song I cant blame myself because I’ve been doing that all along I thought we would be friends forever but it didn't last quite that long. It was a couple months over a year and your trust was what I held so dear you were the one I ran to when I felt lower than dirt you always were there for me and because of you I didn't hurt. You always told me it would be okay I didn't want to believe it but i realized it with each passing day being without you there’s an empty hole in my heart that no one can replace. Yet I feel the need to let go. It's like you quit caring. I am not sure what to do any more.

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