Wednesday, December 29, 2010

missing people plague

So today, I miss a million people. :( LAMEEEE! I do not like it one bit. So I started posting on everyones facebook walls. MUHAHAHAHA! Makes me feel clever.

Today, I miss a million people, I assure tomorrow I will miss them even more.

Kyleelee I know you are reading this and you, my dear, are someone I miss the most. Work is so empty and strange now. It is just Mallory and I on nights. We get lonely for you and Kass. Sucks. Date soon? Chinese food? Movies? Fun night?  Miss you a lot! I promise we'll see each other soon, as a matter of fact I will text you after work tonight! OR right now, I don't know. But we can be friends for a long time, as long as you don't try to feed me bad milk!! :) Miss you! Love you!

 <3 Shelby Lynn Boone

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  1. it's so weird to think of you and mal there, withtout excited as i am to be doing something new this semester, i already miss you girls :( can't wait to hang out!!