Monday, November 15, 2010

The person who helped me believe in hope

Today at work I was talking with my coworkers Kylee and Kassie and Kylee looked at me and I felt a heavy feeling in my chest. As she explained to me what was going on I swear I felt my heart drop down into my chest. You know when you meet someone and you feel like God sent them to be someone special in your life? Well that's how I felt the first day Kylee started working at the Film Drop. She had an Aura around her, I have no idea what it is but I love it. Kylee is always friendly and warm. Willing to make a joke at her own expense or at mine. :) Well today Kylee told me she was thinking about going to work at Cardinal Place. I honestly didn't even know what to think. A million thoughts ran through my head, "Maybe it's not her. Maybe its not meant to be." I stalled before telling Kylee I wanted to talk to her later. Later on in the night I was sitting in the studio with Kylee prying away at me, having no idea what she was in store for. After some giggles and jokes about what I was about to tell her, I finally told her. I felt awkward. How do you tell someone something like this. It was confusing. I was scared to even tell her what I was thinking. I did though. I felt a rush of relief after leaving work. I still feel awkward about it.

Long story short, while talking to Kylee I realized that not only is Kylee meant to be one of my great friends, a person who takes things for what they are, someone I can talk to and be honest with, but Kylee is the person who makes me believe in hope. I have been searching for a Kylee for what seems like some time. I was so caught up pulling on what I should have been pushing that I forgot to pull for Kylee. Today I took the first tug. I feel confident in my decision. Today not only did I learn to let go, I learned to believe. Believe that time heals all wounds, believe that God never gives you more than you can handle, believe that God gives you who and what you need, believe that even in the darkest of times God will send you a ray of light. My ray of light, Kylee. Thank you God. :)

(P.S. Kylee you should be flattered right now!!)

Shelby Lynn Boone

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  1. bah. you totally just made me tear up in the computer lab. love you shelby!!