Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's only two months old!!!

So last night I was over at Kylees. We were goofing around joking waiting for Matt to come back with my chicken Kickers. After getting them, Buffalo flavored of course, my mouth was on fire so I asked Kylee for something to drink and she says she has milk. I was game. She pours it in a cup and I take it and stare at her. I'm looking at it, and looking at her and I asked her "Kylee how old is your milk?" She looks at the carton and she cant find the expiration date. She told me to just taste it, "Its okay!" I wasn't so sure. I was laughing so hard. We finally found the date and she was laughing and took the glass from me and dumped it down the drain. She grabbed her camera and captured the moment. We had some awesome fun last night but her hair turned out amazing. I gave her highlights and low lights. Blond and red brown low lights that have been mixed with in the blond. Its pretty sick. I love it! She did too. We both like freaked out like little girls. While she was rinsing the red brown out though her tub looked like it was full of blood so I ran and got her camera and captured some nice moments too. Whats better than Kylees head under the faucet!? Over all it was a great night. Now I'm with the nerds lol :)

Shelby Lynn Boone

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  1. i can't believe you just told the whole world i tried to give you expired milk. hahahaha. o wow, last night was fun :)